Seattle Dispensary Unleashes “Beastmode 2.0” Marijuana Strain | Marijuana
Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015

Like Lynch, the strain has gotten even stronger this year. According to TMZ, this version of Beastmode bud contains 5% more THC than last year’s version.

Last year’s Beastmode strain was a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies that took on “beastly” characteristics when Zion Gardens cultivated the strain. Since the strain thumps lungs like Lynch thumps linebackers, the effect is like getting hit by Lynch, apparently.

The only hangup? Lynch definitely owns the trademark to “Beast Mode” and Lynch’s handlers could take action if they want to. Naming strains after celebrities is a touchy subject that can often end in cease and desist orders, and if Lynch wants to pull a Peyton Manning and get the strain removed, the chill star can do just that.

But it would be a lot cooler if Lynch demanded a portion of the profits. While naming a strain after a celebrity is often viewed as a lame publicity stunt and a touchy subject within the industry, it’s neat to see a local dispensary honoring a local hero.

However, without Lynch’s approval, releasing the strain and landing on TMZ looks like more of a publicity stunt to cash in on Lynch, than it does a subtle nod to his formidable strength. Alternatively, they could’ve just called the strain Beastmode Skittles.