Seniors Using Cannabis: Ten Good Reasons to Explore This Growing Trend - WeedSeedShop
Friday, Mar 31, 2017

As we grow older, health problems associated with aging tend to mount. From joint pain and arthritis to loss of appetite and depression—or even more serious ailments such as organ disease and cancer—certain characteristics associated with becoming older can be difficult to embrace, perhaps even unpleasant to experience. Seeking reliable, affordable methods for relief that suit one’s personal needs and health regimen preferences is an important choice that belongs to each individual.

Allopathic or conventional medicine supports treatment of pain and other ailments with synthetic pharmaceuticals that are not only expensive, but mask symptoms—rather than repair or truly ease the indications associated with the illnesses they’re prescribed for. This can take an additional toll on anyone’s physical health—delicate or not. Holistic, natural remedies are rarely recommended within the realm of ‘Western medicine’—and this is an unfortunate omission of homeopathic solutions that may be more suitable to an individual’s lifestyle and beliefs.

You don’t have to smoke it! Relief from pain Relief from muscle tension Arthritis treatment It is safer than most commonly prescribed medications It is not physically addictive It can reduce (or even replace) the need for prescription medications There are many different strains—some without psychoactive effects It does not cause brain damage or reduce your IQ It is an effective appetite stimulant