Simple guide on how to use dry herbs for your vaporizer | Washington
Monday, Feb 19, 2018

Dry herbs can give you an amazing experience when you use them for your vaporizer. Many people use oils or e-juice, but herbs can be a good choice. One reason for which they are not very popular among vaporizer users is that people might not have the necessary equipment, knowledge and skills to get the same feeling as while using other methods. You deserve to enjoy all the experiences promised by famous suppliers (like MigVapor), so if you decide to try vaping with dry herbs, you should consider some advice.

Proper equipment is important

It is recommendable to use a conduction styled vaping pen when you want to use dry herbs. They have a glass screen in the idea of not interfering with the herb flavour. Also, make sure that, while preparing the herb, all parts are evenly used because only in this way you can enjoy all its’ characteristics.

Herbs should be prepared right

First of all, you need to choose the right herb, one that is not very wet, but doesn’t simply vanish in your hands like crumbles. Afterwards, you should grind it evenly in such a way that it will allow you to cover an even surface. In this way, the product will be used more effectively. Your herb will become suitable for usage if you use quality grinders. Be careful, because if it is too fine, you can inhale it with each breath. If it is too coarse, you won’t get all its’ essence and your experience will not be as intense as while using oil or e-juice.