Simple Home Drug Test Kits
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013

Two Urine Drug Test Capacities.  1) the RU Clean 5 tests for the 5 most common drugs and 2) the RU Clean 12 test for the full 12 drug range.  The people giving the urine drug tests most often look to these two tests and so should you.

RU Clean’s Bottom Line: Take the same urine drug tests you face and know if you can pass.

This is where to buy a home drug test that are the latest drug test technology at great prices.  Our kits are not the cheap kits you would find in your neighbor hood store or on most sites on the internet.  They do not cost more and yet they do more and are more reliable.  Our home drug tests are more than 99 percent accurate in detecting specific drugs.

RU Cleans are, according to the FDA, very accurate overall.  However, the RU Clean’s are not as accurate as some laboratory urine tests.  If a more sensitive test is administered by a laboratory, such as a gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS), there is a chance of testing positive when the RU Clean is negative.  These tests are rare and usually used to confirm the RU Clean result.

CLIA Waived – Same As Tests Used By Professionals. 99% Accuracy. Results In 5 Minutes – Test Valid 4 Hours – 2 Year Shelf Life. Confidential And Anonymous.