So you want to work in the cannabis industry? - Lift News
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

The cannabis industry is poised for explosive growth. It is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in North America, and it’s thirsty for talented entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help build the future.

Facing the choice to pursue a job in cannabis, a good place to start is to ask yourself the question: “Why do I want to work on this, beyond a paycheque?” Whether it be a love for cultivating the plant, an intrinsic curiosity for all things terpenes, or a personal experience invoking compassion, there is no right answer. Connecting with a deeper sense of fulfillment through your work will provide innate motivation to help you be your best.

Asking the “why” question will also help narrow your focus onto the company you’d like to work with and highlight what tasks would be best suited for you. Cultural alignment with team members will be a large predictor of your daily satisfaction in a job. Reflecting deeply on this question is a great way to prepare for an interview.

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