Stephen Harper and The End of Days (of Canada as We Know It) | Cannabis Culture
Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009

One year has past since the Conservative Party resumed being the governing party with the election of 144 Members of Parliament in the 308 seat House of Commons.

This essay was recorded as a podcast during Marc’s brief incarceration in 2009. Listen to the audio version here. You can also listen to it in YouTube videos at the bottom of this page.

This 12-month report card identifies ten areas of performance in that time by the Harper government. I’ve contrasted their record with the promises made leading up to the October 14, 2008 Federal election. I have also harkened back to the 1993 Reform Party platform. 1993 is when the Reform Party, under Preston Manning, elected 52 MPs in the wake of the massive collapse of the Brian Mulroney/Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative Party. Stephen Harper was a rookie Reform MP elected that year. The Reform Party –‘The West wants in’ was its war cry – ran on a platform that railed against Brian Mulroney’s patronage appointments, deficit financing of the government, centralization, expansion of the federal government, and increased taxation. Prominent in the 1993 Reform platform were: