Stoner Cultivation | Growing Exposed | From Seed to Weed

Turning to the internet has become a jungle of information, most of which is trash, as everyone and their dog has begun blogging, writing and filming their cannabis endeavors, clamoring over each other for a piece of this fresh green pie. That’s why when a truly awesome resource grows above the weeds (and isn’t just your baked friend filming with a 90’s camcorder in his closet) it’s worth noting.

Growing Exposed is the new series being described as the “MTV Cribs” for cannabis grow operations. This high production value show gives you the viewer behind the scenes access to the growing list of cannabis gardens and experts across North America, and most importantly, it sets to educate and open the eyes of viewers.

Jason Wilcox explains what to look for prior to harvesting the bud.

Expect some grow-op envy watching the episodes if you are a grower yourself.  As a patient or recreational smoker, seeing the inner workings of the production facility of something that you’re taking into your body is also pretty kick-ass.

The first episode surrounds the facility of Clandestine Gardens and the third shows the inside of Fine Detail Greenway’s set-up; both producing commercial product available in dispensaries across Washington State.

Justin shows off a large-scale 100% organic facility. Your Hostess: Amanda MacKay