Stories and Photos from Emerald Cup 2017
Friday, Dec 22, 2017

Last weekend was the 14th annual celebration of the Emerald Cup at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. The size of the event continued to increase this year and the high attendance numbers were surely boosted by two days of sunny, 70-degree weather.

Without a doubt, the most remarkable aspect of this years event was how organized it was. In past years, lines were often slow and workers needed to find supervisors to ask questions. Since we are all fans of Emerald Cup, most took this inconvenience with a smile. That said, at some points in past years, it could take more than an hour to get your 215 wristband or to get in the front gates. Not this year! Attendees were whisked through the gates, press passes were at the ready, 215 bands seemed to be issued as fast as people could walk up to the table and show their doctor’s recommendation and the speaker rooms were on time and packed.

The fairgrounds were also so much more beautiful this year, with lights in the trees, well-adorned stages, and the extras that change an event from looking thrown together to being a real sight to see! This was a huge improvement over the history of Emerald Cup and those working the event knew it. Staff members were full of smiles, unstressed and mentioned several times how well trained they felt they were for the weekend.