Study: Marijuana May Hold Promise In Preventing Heart Disease - Leaf Science
Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014

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A new study suggests marijuana may have the same effect as drugs commonly taken to prevent heart disease.

Marijuana contains a group of compounds that scientists believe could provide new treatments for cardiovascular disease. Experiments in animals suggest that these compounds, called cannabinoids, may protect against a wide range of conditions, including hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

Now, scientists at the University of Nottingham School of Medicine have shown that cannabinoids can have the same effect in human patients.

Published in the journal Pharmacological Research, the team, led by Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan, found that cannabinoids affect blood vessels by causing them to relax and widen. According to the researchers, the study was the first to demonstrate this response in human tissue samples.

Relaxation of the blood vessels is known to lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

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