Ten Tips for Buying Weed Seeds Online

Monday, Feb 22, 2016

Looking for weed seeds so you can start growing your own? Good choice because by using weed seeds your new plants will have more vigor than if you started with clones. Plus marijuana seeds won’t come with nasty pests like spider mites or powdery mildew that could completely ruin your garden. Not to mention all your hard work. And marijuana seeds are a lot easier to transport and conceal than plants. Plus they’re easy to get nowadays with all the pot seeds for sale online.

However, with all the vendors out there that have marijuana seeds for sale online or in magazines how do you buy marijuana seeds without getting caught? And how do you make sure that what you’re getting are the best cannabis seeds possible? We’ve got you covered, dude with out top ten tips for buying weed seeds online.

We can’t tell you that you definitely won’t get busted if you buy marijuana seeds online. But what we can tell you is that there are millions of letters and packages flowing through the mail system each day. Plus we know a letter carrier who delivers mail in San Jose California and often times comes across packages that smell like weed. He’s never said anything to anyone because tha’ll just create more work for him. Plus mail-order weed seed sellers know how to package their products so they won’t get nabbed by customs officials. Think about it—companies that sell marijuana seeds online wouldn’t remain in business long if they were mailing marijuana seeds and getting their customers in trouble, right?

Keep your marijuana seed purchase a secret. Actually keep all your weed-growing activities a secret. There’s no need to tell anyone. If you can’t keep your secret how do you expect your stoned friends to keep your secret? When buying cannabis seeds online use a secret or at least public email address to make your purchase. It only takes a few minutes to create a new gmail account. Try something “[email protected]” instead of using your work email or one that contains your real name. Credit card companies keep your information a lot more secure nowadays including destroying payment information immediately after an order has been processed. But if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing weed seeds using your credit card pay for those weed seeds with a pre-paid Visa. You could also send a money order or even cash. People send us cash for stickers all the time without any problems. Use a business credit card with a business address to buy marijuana seeds if possible. Businesses make transactions all the time and send and receive packages all the time. Nobody’s looking out to see if some random business is buying or receiving a package of weed seeds. Speaking of addresses, never ship your weed seeds to that place where you intend to germinate and grow ‘em. Remember, we’re keeping secrets here and the most important one is that you’re even growing weed in the first place. Sending seeds to the place you intend to grow ‘em just invites trouble, dude. If you can have your weed seeds sent to a friend or relative or a buddy’s business. You don’t have to tell them what it really is. So instead of saying it’s some weed seeds, say it’s a Coldplay CD you don’t want any of your other friends knowing you have really shitty taste in music. Many retailers with weed seeds for sale will ship those seeds in CD jewel cases anyhow. Maybe tell ’em it’s a gift for the wife or kids. Make sure the destination has a real address with a real name if you want to get those weed seeds safely. Most letter carriers have been working their beats for years and know if someone lives in that neighborhood or not. Use initials if you need to or better yet just use a PO BOX. And never have your weed seeds delivered using a service that requires a signature. If you have to do this—make sure to have someone else sign for it. Always buy marijuana seeds from a well-known seed bank or vendor. There are tons of websites offering marijuana seeds for sale all over the web. Some are great like Gorilla Seed bank or Herbies seeds. These guys take care of us so they’re take care of you. Sometimes price isn’t what’s important, buying weed seeds online might be one of those times. So be warned—there are a lot of businesses offering weed seeds for sale that are not legit at all. So do your homework and be careful. It’s better to make multiple small purchases of weed seeds than to be a bunch of them at once. Shit happens and seeds get intercepted and lost. Would you rather have one small part of your order get lost than all of your weed seeds get lost at once? We didn’t think so. Finally. Smoke some weed and be patient. International shipments take longer than domestic shipments. So give those vendors some time before you start emailing them that you never got your weed seeds.