Terpenes That Amplify Your High


Imagine your favorite cannabis strain. Think about the way it tastes, the odor that comes off the buds when you break them down, or hold them in your hands. Cannabis’ signature scent and taste comes from terpenes, the organic compounds behind the fragrant oils produced in plant material, especially cannabis buds.


More than likely, you have encountered more terpenoids than pure terpenes in your experience with cannabis. The difference is oxygen. Terpenes consist of only carbon and hydrogen, but the dry and cure process, which produces smokable cannabis flower, oxidizes these terpenes, modifying them, creating the terpenoids that contribute to smoked cannabis’ taste and aroma. The term is used interchangeably often.


But terpenes and terpenoids contribute more than taste alone.


Terpenes can enhance your strain’s effects


THC and CBD get plenty of fanfare when it comes to cannabis chemicals, or cannabinoids, and for good reason. When you use cannabis, you tap into your brain’s endocannabinoid system, or EC, which is responsible for regulating many natural physiological processes, like mood, appetite, pain sensation, memory, and others. Your body’s EC also has cannabinoids receptors! We know and love the endocannabinoid system because THC and CBD cannabinoids bind to these EC receptors, producing the effects of the euphoria associated with cannabis’ high.