The 25 Best Movies About Summer Vacation

Whether you want romance, horror, or comedy.

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Whether you’re spending a few weeks honing your skills at debate camp, visiting your best friend on the Cape, watching your neighbor’s dog while they head to Hawaii, or loafing around on the couch for countless hours at a time, fully absorbed in doing nothing, one thing’s for sure: this is down to be the most epic summer ever. The best thing about summer vacation is that it’s full of possibilities, but also provides ample time to lounge in your PJs. You only have a finite number of summers in your lifetime, and what better way to enhance those lazy, warm, blissful days than by watching one of these 25 best summer vacation movies while you celebrate your temporary hiatus from school? Whether you're in the mood for romance while on a summer trip, shenanigans at a camp, or finding yourself through something such as a summer job, check out these iconic films.


Grace (Selena Gomez) and Emma (Katie Cassidy) have been saving for a trip to Paris after graduation, and they’re finally ready to head out of their sleepy small town and experience the world. Their trip isn’t quite what they envisioned, however everything changes when Grace is mistaken for a famous British heiress and swept away to Monte Carlo for a super-glam, celebrity-style summer vacation.

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