The Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana Before Workout | International Highlife
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

In today’s fast paced world, anxiety is a big problem for many people. Whether it is caused by work problems, personal problems, etc, anxiety can really damage a person’s lifestyle. However, we all know that training is a natural way of releasing anxiety as we produce the hormone of happiness when working out.

Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana


Also, weed is well-known for reducing anxiety and depression so putting those two together is a straight up way to happy feet land. Another great thing about weed when it comes to working out is the fact that it increases the airflow to the lungs because it lowers resistance in the airways.

And boy will you need air if you are working out the way you should, especially in-between those going for failure sets. Then there’s pain “distraction”. If you are working out to actually achieve growth, you will feel pain – the more pain, the more growth. Simple, yet effective.

Effective Pain Killer


However, it’s not that easy to push through that pain and get those final important repetition in your set. Marijuana is scientifically proven to be an effective pain killer so it can certainly help you push a bit further.