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Cannabis concentrates are taking the world by storm. While the classic joint has remained an iconic cannabis symbol over the past several decades, new technologies have given the herb a whole new look and feel. But what exactly are cannabis concentrates?

Simply stated, cannabis concentrates are concentrated preparations of cannabis oil. The plant’s essential oil is stripped from cannabis flowers and leaves using some type of solvent. This allows for very potent preparations of the herb.

Just as lavender oil is made from extracting plant-based oils from lavender flowers, cannabis concentrates are made by pulling sticky resin glands off of the plants surface and getting rid of the leftover plant material.

While complex technologies are available for making cannabis concentrates, some extractions are simple enough to make in your own home. Tinctures, for example, can be made through a process of soaking ground cannabis material in alcohol.

Cannabis is a unique plant for many reasons. Potent resin glands sit directly on the surface of flowers and leaves. These resin glands (trichomes) contain both the psychoactive and medicinal phytochemicals found in the plant. The essential oils in trichome resin glands also give cannabis its unique scent and flavor.

Is regular consumption high-potency cannabis safe? How does inhaling oil affect lung health? Are concentrates made with safe extraction techniques? Avoid products that contain harmful additives (PG and PEG). Opt for concentrates that have been laboratory tested. Stick to low and moderate doses when possible. Heat concentrates to lower temperatures when smoking or consuming (below 446˚F/230˚C). Opt for a vaporizer. BHO: amber colored to golden, pliable CO2: deep to light amber coloration, liquid Hash: golden coloration, pliable FECO: deep green/ black coloration, liquid Isolates: white or clear coloration, crystals Rosin: dark amber coloration, gooey or pliable The Complete Guide To Cannabis Concentrates 5 (100%) 2 votes