The Essential Parts of the Cannabis Plant | Cannabis Training University
Friday, Sep 22, 2017

When you are assessing a marijuana bud, it is easy to notice that there is a complicated knotting around the plant, which shows that there are different parts to the cannabis plant. You will notice sugary crystals, orange hairs, chunky, thick knobs, which are surrounded by small leaves. However, what is the precise formation of the cannabis plant and how does it function? These are the questions, we aim to answer here. The marijuana anatomy is complex. Our aim is to help you become familiar with the cannabis plant in as simple as a format as possible. Let us first look at the male plant and the female plant.

Male and Female Plants

The cannabis plant is male, female or both, which is known as hermaphrodite. But, if you look in your stash jar, you should find the female flowers. The female cannabis plant produces large flowers filled with resin. The flowers are usually trimmed down to pointed or round shaped buds. The male cannabis plant is known for its ability to pollinate the female plant. In doing so, it produces seeds. However, the potent flowers are derived from female plants that have no seed. This is called sinsemelia. This grows to large CBD rich buds with no seeds. The hermaphrodite plant has the sex organs of both the male and female. It is during the flowering stage that the hermaphrodite will pollinate. It is usually considered a nuisance for growers since this only cause damage to the sinsemelia plant and injects the hermaphrodite genetics into the cannabis plant. Marijuana growers use the cloning process to identify the sex of the cannabis plant. Or they can use clippings received from the parent strain.