The European Cannabis News Update

If you ask anyone to name some of the best places in the world to travel to for pot, almost everyone would be able to tell you to go to the Netherlands.


However, things are changing and if you’re thinking of heading to this side of the continent just to score weed as a tourist, you may want to rethink your travel plans. Many cities in the Netherlands have enacted new regulations to limit public consumption of cannabis.

Last week, The Hague officially became the first Dutch city to ban cannabis use in the city center, as well as major shopping areas and the central train station. A representative of the Hague’s mayor divulged to The Guardian that the decision was the result of several complaints from both visitors and residents about “the strong smell of cannabis and the noise from its users.”

Several establishments in The Hague can expect to receive flyers warning about the ban, as well as implications and fines should these regulations be violated. Hotels, coffee shops, and homeless shelters are among said establishments. Anyone found smoking pot in public areas will be given warnings by the police, and after 2 weeks fines will be implemented.