The Facts About Cannabis: Why is Vaporization Better than Smoking?
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

As cannabis continues to permeate the mainstream, it’s forcing a perspective shift for many of us who once felt uncomfortable even discussing marijuana. And one of the areas in which the “Green Revolution” is inspiring the greatest change has to do with our health.

A few short years ago, cannabis was perceived to be an inherently dangerous “gateway drug.” Now, validated and careful research indicates that it holds great promise in treating a host of chronic diseases and conditions ranging from anxiety to multiple sclerosis to side effects of cancer treatments and beyond.

As our perception of cannabis changes, so do our ideas regarding how to use it. And invariably, one of the first questions that arises for those accessing cannabis’ medicinal benefits is: What’s better for me, vaping vs smoking?

Anecdotally, many cannabis users prefer vaping because it’s simple, effective, and gentle on our lungs. But an increasing body of research indicates that the benefits of vaping extend far beyond those first impressions. Let’s take a closer look at what happens on the physical level when we inhale smoked cannabis vs. vaporized cannabis.