The Hottest Deal In Cannabis Markets Today
Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018

Mark this date down: October 17.

That’s the day Canada fully legalizes recreational cannabis. And that’s also the date that the best kept story in the cannabis sector could be revealed.

There’s a team that has already built two cannabis companies to a $340 million and $5 billion valuation. But now, they are involved with something that could become much bigger… Scythian Biosciences (CSE:SCYB, OTCMKTS:SCCYF)

So, what’s going on?

First, Scythian has just closed an incredible $280 million deal with Aphria, the third-largest cannabis company in the world. Aphria saw the potential in Scythian’s “cannabis incubator” investment plans, and agreed to sell $193 million in stock to them, and today—as they close the deal—that same stock is worth nearly $300 million. That’s a $137 million windfall for Scythian—a 65 percent ROI.  And that’s only one deal of many.

Scythian Biosciences’ (CSE:SCYB,OTCMKTS:SCCYF) story could blow the lid off the cannabis market. It’s already one of the biggest investment trends of 2018.Canada is instituting full legalization on October 17, and the Scythian story is unlikely to stay off the radar for long when that happens.

Has an Incubator business model that has so far resulted in a high upside… Owns a highly diversified portfolio of cannabis assets, ranging from North and South American to Western Europe… Has an experienced management team with multiple global successes Has lower valuation than many cannabis companies… Is early-in to a brand new $8.7 billion market