The Latest Craze in the Cannabis Tourism Industry
Sunday, Jun 26, 2016

Cannabis tourism has been a popular industry ever since starry-eyed stoners started making sojourns to the marijuana mecca of Amsterdam. Now, with more and more regions legalizing and decriminalizing the substance, tons of new destinations are opening up their doors to cannatourists and bending over backwards to accommodate them in an effort to rake in that sweet tourism money. It’s a win for everyone- tourists get to spend their vacation in a chill place where they can kick back and smoke a blunt without fear, and the cities that host them enjoy a boost to their bottom line.

The latest trend in the cannatourism industry is the rise of something called the “Bud and Breakfast”. These are privately owned properties where tourists can come to smoke and often have weed provided to them without needing to navigate the local systems and track some down. They are the perfect answer to the strict public use laws put in place in some regions. Colorado’s Clean Air Act also limits hotels to a maximum of 25% smoking rooms with 75% being nonsmoking, which makes a large 420 hotel or resort virtually impossible. Where commercial hotels and resorts have difficulty getting around those regulations, private property owners have the advantage.