The Media Should Tell The Truth About Cannabis

Real Evidence to Show Reefer Madness is still going strong!



Reefer Madness is commonly known as the era where fake stories about the dangers of marijuana was being pushed down the throats of unsuspecting Americans. The stories back then were wild. From violent ax murderers to raping minorities seeking to deflower white girls…the reefer madness era was largely responsible for turning America against its preferred medicine…cannabis.


While the Reefer Madness era ended in the late 1930’s (officially), the rhetoric stuck through the decades and still finds its way into modern day media. One such stories recently made headlines on multiple news sources, yet when you really analyze the content of the story, you can clearly see the Reefer Madness sprinkled across the intention of the article.


Modern Day Reefer Madness at Work


The story I’m referring to was entitled,“Colorado Town’s Water Supply may be tainted with marijuana chemical.”Seriously, after reading the title, especially for people who know absolutely nothing about cannabis, you would think that marijuana is a dangerous drug that could negatively affect the masses.