The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis Infused Tea Are Shocking

As cannabis is getting more popular because of legalization and less seen as a menace to society, more ways to use it for therapeutic reason are also being known. Not everyone looking for alternative ways to treat diseases or stress related issues likes to smoke, mostly because of the health risk associated with it. Cannabis infused tea is gentler and a very nice alternative.  Commonly used in older societies like India, for morning sickness, it is now becoming more popular in our society. As it is absorbed through the digestive track it takes obviously a little longer to have an effect, but it is in milder and therefor a very good therapeutic aid.




How do you make it? There are many ways to make cannabis infused tea and best would be to find the one suited for the user. For the purpose of this article, the following recipe will be used:


           Cannabis Tea Recipe – (1 Cup)

½ gram cannabis buds

½ teaspoon coconut oil (any other healthy fat will do)

1.5 cups of water

Milk, sugar or honey could also be added.

Anxiety–Often when people suffer from a chronic disease, or just live in a high stress environment, anxiety contributes too many of the symptoms they suffer from. This often leads to depression and health-wise everything spirals faster downwards. The healing properties found in cannabis infused tea help to relieve anxiety symptoms as it releases mood enhancers that changes the way they look at their problem. Changing the way they look at their problem, opens the door to healing. Reliefs Arthritis- As cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory agents, it is a great aid to reduce the inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis. Reduces chronic pain- The double purpose that cannabis tea has should not be overlooked. Apart from the anti-inflammatory properties, it also relaxes the mental state of the person, especially if he/she suffers from a serious disease. Aiding the auto-immune system- Cannabis tea is an excellent way to help people suffering with illnesses related to the auto-immune system. It is a much milder way of consumption, goes straight to the core of the problem and helps even with the side-effects of some other treatments they undergo. Boosts the metabolism- By improving blood-sugar levels the metabolism increases and energy is higher. A positive result is weight-loss as cannabis tea controls blood-sugar levels and dissolves body fat. Reduces the symptoms of nausea- People suffering from many serious diseases often suffers from nausea as a side-effect of some treatments they undergo. Cannabis Infused Tea helps to reduce that effect and at the same time also acts as an appetite stimulant that prevents severe weight loss. Having irritable bowel symptoms? - Certain chemicals inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that causes inflammation in the bowel. At the same time it acts as a very effective diuretic and releases puffy and swollen ankles and stomachs. Headaches- It is already a known fact that cannabis is anti-inflammatory and therefor does not come as a surprise that it is very effective in relieving headaches and migraines. Strengthens lungs- For people suffering from lung problems, cannabis infused tea is a marvelous alternative to smoking as it reduces the harmful toxins in inhaling. Lung capacity gets strengthened and many respiratory problems are helped, one of them being asthma. A great aid for the heart–When a person suffered a heart attack or stroke, cannabis infused tea is a perfect aid to strengthen and protect the heart and reduce the damage caused by the attack. It promotes better blood flow and strengthens the area in an effective way.