The Most Ridiculous Ways People Have Tried To Pass A Drug Test
Thursday, Apr 5, 2018

It may be the worst surprise in the world: the dreaded, ominous drug test. If you’re a heavy cannabis user, the idea of a drug test can cause anxiety and pressure. And the businesses with some of the best and highest paying jobs require you to pass with flying colors. Depending on your body, the amount of cannabis you consume, and the amount physical exercise you enjoy, cannabis can stay in your system for a long time. So a surprise or even a short-notice drug screening can cause even the calmest stoner to go into a frenzy. Nonetheless, there are successful ways people have tried to pass a drug test.

But at the height of anxiety, some of the ways people have tried to pass a drug test are just downright stupid. And in some cases, dangerous. So in the event that someone wants to inspect your bodily fluids for drug use, keep calm and educate yourself on the myths. And don’t follow these examples—they’re the 7 most ridiculous ways people have tried to pass a drug test.

Household solvents and items often receive attention as a well-known trick of the trade to defeat drug tests. Cannabis enthusiasts and other drug users swear by ingesting small amounts in different combinations of all sorts of substances in an effort to change the composition of their urine.