The Only Foolproof Way to Pass a Drug Test
Thursday, Jun 14, 2018

I’ll always remember the first time I failed a drug test. I was in my early 20s, looking for a marketing job that paid reasonably (“reasonably” meaning pretty much anything higher than minimum wage) and offered any type of upward mobility from bartending and serving food. And I’d somehow made it through first and second interviews, and had received an invitation to meet with the hiring manager, who would also be my direct manager if I was hired for the position. It paid just under $30,000 per year, and I definitely needed the money.

I remember the lady was very nice, with a bright smile but nervous eyes. She seemed genuinely excited when she leaned toward me from the other side of our table at a coffee shop in midtown Atlanta and told me she was offering me the job as a marketing coordinator. For about 10 seconds I felt a huge sense of relief.

Then she said, “There’s just one more thing I need you to do, and I apologize, but I need you to go across the street to those offices and take a drug test.”