The Perfect Cannabis Pairings for Every Event This Holiday Season

The holiday season brings out a mix of emotions. Sure, there’s the joy and fun, but there can also be stress and anger (particularly if politics are brought up during family dinner). Similarly, every strain of marijuana also brings out different emotions and feelings in users as well.

To help get you through the holiday season, here are some perfect cannabis pairings for various events you’ll experience this holiday season. And luckily all the cannabis in this article is available from Canndescent, a California based marijuana company.

Christmas Shopping: Canndescent Calm

Waited until the last minute to get all your Christmas shopping done? Don’t worry, many of us do. But lugging around all those last minute presents can put stress on your body. Luckily, Canndescent Calm helps relieve aches and pains to help you recover from your shopping extravaganza. It’s also helpful as a sleep aid, in case you’re too excited to see what Santa’s going to bring you Christmas morning and are having trouble getting a good night’s rest.