The Pros and Cons of Wake and Bake - WeedSeedShop
Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

While some would argue that it is impossible for a wake and bake to have a negative side, some will heavily disagree. Just like everything in life, finding the balance is important. And where there are pros, there are almost always some cons to contend with. Wake and bake is certainly no different.

If you’re a lover of wake and bake, you probably know what we’re talking about. And if you can’t stand the wake and bake, it’s probably because you used to love it too much once upon a time, namely just two weeks ago.

We’ve decided to compile the list of all the pros and cons of this common stoner moment. So here it is – all the reasons that cannabis enthusiasts love and hate the morning ritual!

Let’s start with the pros. Because it’s always good to start on the positive side, right?

1.      Starting the day on a positive

Obviously starting everything on a positive note is the ultimate pro of wake and bake. You can’t really argue with a day that started off with the smooth, euphoric sensation you get after using cannabis. If you were at all worried about things you had to do, it all melts away with a morning joint, vape or edible.