The Stoned Gamer's Comic Con Adventure • High Times
Thursday, Aug 14, 2014

One of the best places to visit if you are a stoned gamer is Comic Con! Many cities across the nation offer their version of this incredible convention, but no city does it like San Diego. Packed with celebrities from every awesome show on television such as “Game of Thrones,”“The Walking Dead,” and “Sons of Anarchy,” San Diego Comic Con is a place where stoner dreams can come true. The world’s most renowned comic book artists and cartoonists surround you with their art and autographs. The biggest toy companies in the world offer exclusive toys sold only at the event, and video game companies show off upcoming releases.

At this year’s event, which took place during July 23 – Sunday July 27, more than 130,000 fans hit the city. People from all ages packed San Diego’s Gas Lamp district to it’s brim. After having a difficult booking experience with hotels, including one accidental booking at a hostel, it was easy to decide that staying close to the convention center is best. Our favorite restaurant became Wet Willies, since we stopped there daily for alcoholic slushies and amazing stoner food.