The Tolerance Break - MassRoots

The dreaded tolerance break. The time comes in every regular cannabis users life to just cut. it. out. Sure, it is doable, but why is it necessary? What does it really do for you anyway?


For the recreational cannabis user, a TB is a time when we put the marijuana down and give it a rest for a week or two (or three or four). Not smoking for several weeks builds up your tolerance for marijuana, hence the name tolerance break. You take a break to build your tolerance. It is not always the easiest thing to do, for lots of reasons. Just the ritual of rolling a joint or loading a bowl can be very therapeutic for some people. Others have consciously chosen to use cannabis to unwind instead of alcohol or pharmaceuticals. Deciding to take a break from that stress reliever can be, well, stressful to think about.


Regardless of the irritating nature of tolerance breaks, they are hugely important for your body, your mind AND your high.


It is true that cannabis hasn’t been shown to adversely affect the lungs. In fact, in those that are light users, one study shows there was little to no pulmonary issues related to cannabis use. However, in the same paragraph, researchers admit that while they did not have enough heavy marijuana users to make an educated conclusion, it would appear as though heavy use might negatively affect pulmonary function. And have you seen what smoking anything can do to your teeth? Keep those pearly whites in check and schedule a dentists visit during your hiatus from pot. A tolerance break is one way to be kind to your body – your lungs and your teeth.