The Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Beginners

Entering the world of marijuana for the first time can be exciting and a little overwhelming. There are so many strains, products, and application methods to choose from. As a beginner, we recommend having your “baptism of fire” the traditional way: getting buzzed by smoking up! Choosing the first strains to try as a beginner can be scary, but we’ve done the work for you. Pot affects people in different ways, so even if your best buds have their own favorites it’s best that you do some trial and error on your own until you find strains that work well for you.


Check out these top 5 strains that first-timers should try:


Hindu Kush is a popular strain that’s been loved in those in the know for many years now. Considered a classic strain, Hindu Kush is 100% indica, a pure indica that will give you total relaxation that you’ve never felt before. This strain is also great for managing several health issues particularly nausea, anxiety, and stress. Hindu Kush has a potent earthy smell, ideal for a first-time smoker. Remember that Hindu Kush is pretty strong, so make sure that you take it easy with a few puffs and that you’re in a safe and comfortable setting.



Blue Dream is a favorite of beginners and novices alike. This sativa-dominant strain gently provides mental stimulation but also does wonders for relaxing the body while giving you a euphoric high. Blue Dream is also popular for enhancing creativity, so if you’re the type, keep a pen and paper in handy or whip out your craft of choice. Others have reported that this strain is great for meditation and relaxation. Blue Dream also contains a high THC content, but is also effective in treating pain and depression.



Skunk #1 gets its name for being notoriously stinky. However, Skunk has a diverse genetic profile and has become a foundation strain for many other popular strains that are circulating nowadays. Skunk is known for giving users the classic marijuana “stoned” experience: munchies, creativity, and even the giggles in others. Don’t give too much thought to the smell: once you get past it, you’ll appreciate its delicious berry and nutmeg aroma. Skunk #1 also has several medicinal properties; it’s particularly effective in treating pain, appetite loss, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. Oh, remember what I said about the classic marijuana “stoned” experience with Skunk #1? Yeah, that means you’ll probably feel a little paranoid and get red eyes too but just keep some eyedrops handy and you’ll be fine.



White Widow has powerful relaxing and calming qualities, but it won’t overwhelm you.  This iconic strain chills you out but patients and users all over also love how it makes you feel so happy.  White Widow is an indica-dominant strain and has graced countless coffee shops throughout the Netherlands which is where it was first bred. One of the great things about White Widow is that it’s largely grown for its reliability and yield, so you can be sure that you’re getting consistent top-quality hits whenever you toke with this one, making it great for first timers. Medicinally, the White Widow is also used to treat lack of appetite, pain, insomnia, and depression.



Sour Diesel has a great cerebral hit and will give an uplifting, euphoric buzz. Sour Diesel is a popular strain known for its positive and invigorating effects. This fast-acting sativa is great for dealing with depression and stress, but first-timers who want a heady and feel-good hit will also love this. Sour Diesel has been around since the 1990’s, and has been considered a legendary strain ever since.


Now before you get all excited, brush up on what you need to know about smoking up for the first time and buying weed for the first time. What are your favorite strains to recommend to first-timers? Share with us in the comments below!