The Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Sleeping and Insomnia

If you have a hard time sleeping, big pharma offers a multitude of over-the-counter medications to help you get knocked out fast. But these often have long-term side effects, so why not use all-natural alternatives like cannabis?


There are dozens of great strains that are perfect for helping you get a good night’s rest. When choosing between sativa and indica, clearly indica is the choice you should be going with. Sativa strains are designed to be more energizing in nature (better taken when you’re about to begin your day) while indica strains give you a better body high and is effective in promoting relaxation. Indica also has a wider range of cannabinoids which works with the THC to induce sleep.


Smoking is the most popular way of consuming cannabis to address insomnia, as well as tinctures. Edibles are also a potent way to help you get a deeper, longer sleep.


Check out our top 5 recommendations for insomnia:


Critical Mass is known for being one of the strongest indica strains around, making it a top choice for those who have difficulty falling and staying asleep. Even small amounts of Critical Mass can be effective in treating insomnia. Both wonderfully sedating and pain-relieving, Critical Mass is also loved by many for its ability to treat chronic pain and nausea among other medicinal properties. This strain has a pleasant earthy and citrusy flavor, although it’s vulnerable to developing mold so make sure that you invest time and effort in properly storing your Critical Mass strains.