The Top 5 Travel Destinations For Getting High

Cannabis Friendly Travel Locations To Try and Visit from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Fond of getting high while traveling? Check out these top 5 destinations where the grass is part of the culture and appeal.



It’s never been better for the life of a cannabis connoisseur. There are more ways to enjoy the great ganja in different forms and you can even plan an entire holiday with the sole purpose of getting stoned while you’re in really scenic destination. While some enjoy wine-tasting tours or traveling far distances to eat good cheese, the rest of us who love pot know that there are few things better in life than getting lit some place really nice.



These destinations have long been either tolerant to weed or have legalized it altogether. In this list we’ll explore the top 5 destinations where you can toke the days away:



1. Colorado: The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado has made it an attractive destination for potheads who want to smoke liberally. Non-residents can buy just 7 grams of hash per transaction, regardless of what form you’re buying it in: edibles, concentrate, or the flower. If you have a friend who lives in Colorado then you’re in luck as locals can buy 28 grams per transaction. Although getting high is popular, remember that the locals still appreciate some discretion; besides there are no bars or cafes that allow smokers to consume their weed publicly. The best way to enjoy your trip to Colorado is to smoke up in the confines of your hotel room before heading off to explore the majestic mountains that the state is known for. Another option is to book a cannabis tour - there’s several kinds to choose from, including tours where you get to ride a private limo. Classy!