The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil Distributors - CannabisFN
Wednesday, Feb 7, 2018

If you’re interested in selling CBD oil, you’re not alone. An ever-increasing amount of research points to CBD oil as a way to relieve a wide range of physical and mental ailments, which is causing an unprecedented number of consumers to try it and regularly use it. In response to this growing interest, more retailers are looking to sell it and, of course, more and more distributors are popping up to meet the demand. But not all distributors are created equal.

Ensuring that you’re buying CBD oil from the right distribution company can be tricky business given all of the legal and growing guidelines and regulations, so you definitely want to do your research before deciding on one. Whichever company you choose should make their quality control and lab-testing practices clear as well as be willing to provide you with certificates of analysis (COAs) for any products you’re interested in. Additionally, they should have information at the ready with respect to where, exactly, their product comes from and be knowledgeable about every step of the product’s journey from seed to sale.

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