The Value of Cannabis Extract | Cannabis Training University
Sunday, Aug 20, 2017

For the person that is heavily into hash oil, there has always been a search for finding the value derived from cannabis extract. In doing so, these enthusiasts will often be able to translate the real essence of the actual marijuana plant and the resin inside of it. For those people how extract marijuana into hash oil, the actual objective has always been to create a cannabis product, preserving the plant and its resin and creating a unique profile of something new. With new technology and new machines in extraction, it is now easier to derive cannabis extract from the marijuana plant. The hash oil product has been at the forefront and has become unrivaled among many other cannabis products. To enjoy the full spectrum cannabis extract and its flavor, many are using science and technology to get the most out of the marijuana plant.

The Elements

You may be wondering about cannabis extract and what exactly it is. Think of it as a good stew that your mother cooked for you when you were young. Of course, your mother would put all the best ingredients such as celery, carrots, protein, onions, and potatoes. She would season the pot with pepper, salt, and other essential seasonings. Do you now get the picture? The elements or ingredients all work to create a palatable and complicated experience for the person eating the stew. The same is true for the cannabis extract. The extraction process is complicated, but after it is done, the hash oil is palatable and filled with the kind of ingredients, flavor and elements to make it more valuable. Like the stew, if certain elements are not in the mix, then it is incomplete and will not have the same value. Hope that makes sense.