The Whizzinator is Stuff Stoners Like Here Are Our 5 Favorite Features
Friday, Jul 21, 2017

The Whizzinator fake urine kit is absolutely stuff stoners like. It’s one of those devices that’s steeped in mythology. In fact it’s pretty much legendary as far as prosthetic penises go. It not only led to the embarrassing arrest of a famous football player, it worked so well helping people pass their urine drug test that the owner of the company even went to jail. That’s a big deal considering all they sold was just a fake dong.

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A fake penis for drug test passing isn’t what this thing is actually intended for despite what all the online Whizzinator reviews say. Nope the current manufacturers sell this thing as a sex toy. Instead of using it to pass a drug test they and several other of their retailers have all sorts of crazy uses for it and synthetic urine listed on their website.

Would you believe that people other than R Kelly and President Trump are into watersports? We’ll apparently there are groups of people that drink the stuff to encourage youthfulness. Some people just like to use the stuff during kinky time and some others use it repel animals. We’re not here to judge we’re just here to help people pass their drug tets and that’s where this infamous fake cock comes in handy.  so without further adieu here are the five key features that make the Whizzinator total stuff stoners like.