This All Glass Menorah Bong Looks Like a Good Time | Marijuana
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014

As Marijuanakkuh comes to an end, another menorah bong has hit the web.  Earlier this week, this Menorah Hookah was released and hailed as the pinnacle of glass menorahs.

I can honestly say that in my 15 years of smoking, I have never seen a piece of functional glass art that has blown my mind like this one. If this work of art was for sale, I would head right into my Bar Mitzvah fund, empty it out, and buy this piece.

The All Glass Menorah Bong by Grav Labs is truly a masterpiece that keeps the kush burning for eight crazy nights:

Eight crazy strains for eight kushy nights

Fully loaded

The minds at Grav Labs, deserve a huge thank you for this wonderful piece.

Watch the video here and see what it looks like to smoke eight strains at once with hempwick. Do you think your lungs could handle the heat?