Three pot stocks this amateur trader says could make you money
Monday, Mar 24, 2014

Editor’s note: The Cannabist will occasionally talk with amateur investors in these pages. If you’d like to talk about your portfolios, investing strategies and favorite pot stocks, email us here.

But Templeton has also worked out an investment formula that appears to work, as he openly shares with his Twitter followers daily via @PotStocker. We talked with him about his penchant for dabbing, his Smoke and Stash portfolios and three of his favorite marijuana stocks at this very moment.

The Cannabist: You’re a self-taught trader who has made a lot of money via marijuana stocks. How’d you do it?

Steve Templeton: My initial deposit was $2,500. I added $75,000 more throughout the year. And now it’s worth $320,000.

TC: You have the two portfolios of pot stocks, aptly named Smoke and Stash. What’s your strategy with these two portfolios?

ST: Smoke is my working portfolio where I keep and recycle all my cash. Stash is where Smoke goes after graduation. Stash is all the free shares I have been paid to take. I work with Smoke, and I intend to sell Stash after 2020 when weed is legal.