Tinder for pot lovers

Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015

Just last week a new dating app went live on Apple's App Store. It's designed for pot lovers who want to hook up, hence the name: High There!

"This app gets those cannabis consumers to connect with each other," co-founder Todd Mitchem said.

Watch Mitchem pitch his pot start-up to angel investor Alicia Syrett, Canopy Boulder co-founder Patrick Rea, and Cheryl Shuman, the "Martha Stewart of Marijuana." Will the panel swipe right on his big idea? Click the video to find out.

Lighting up

This isn't the first time Mitchem has lit up a start-up. He's been consulting businesses in the cannabis space for two years and co-founded two other marijuana start-ups based in Denver.

Mitchem, who's a bachelor, said his involvement in the cannabis space was always a red flag on the dating scene, and often doused his chances with women who didn't like his love for weed. That was the seed that led Mitchem to co-found High There.

"We wanted to build something that connected the millions of cannabis consumers all over the world to each other. … Personally I am going to find Ms. Right on there I just know it," he told CNBC.

The High There! app connects cannabis users Source: High There! High hopes