Top 10 Easiest Strains to Grow For Beginners
Sunday, Apr 1, 2018

There are thousands of cannabis strains available for the aspiring bud grower. However, this abundance of choices can be confusing for novices, who just want an easy plant to hone their skills. A plant that is resistant to disease, mold, insects and, ideally, requires little care. So, in this article, we are going to examine some of the easiest strains to grow for beginners.

It doesn’t take much browsing through any seedbank’s website or your local dispensary (you lucky bastard) to realize that there is an abundance of marijuana strains. Potent, high-yielding, fruity, sour, fast-flowering, tall, short, are only a few of the myriad adjectives that can be used to describe cannabis.

This “strain overflow” is the result of years of careful, selective breeding from all over the world. Cannabis nowadays is nothing like cannabis in the ‘70s, when varieties with THC levels of 15% were considered extremely potent. Our collective tolerance levels have raised, and so have our expectations regarding private cultivation.

Hardiness (resistance to disease, mold, and insects) Yield (how much flower the plant will produce) Autoflowering v. Photoperiod (can you afford the time to regulate the light intake of your plants?) Potency (how strong do you want your strain to be) Conditions of grow room, if growing inside Climate and environment, if growing outside