Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains In 2018
Friday, Dec 7, 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we decided to pull the numbers on the most popular weed strains according to the people. And by people, we mean Google. Because what is Google besides an amalgamation of our collective thought as a society? If Google knows anything about us, and it likely knows everything, it knows what we want. Its monthly search data is the perfect place to turn, to discover the most sought-after weed strains in 2018.

We extracted data from the Google search engine, using a popular data service to analyze the information. All data was pulled exclusively from the United States. This data painted a beautiful cannabis-filled picture of what the strain landscape looks like in the country today. What strains do the people want, and more importantly, why do the people want them?

In the following top 10 weed strains searched on Google, we get out the microscope and explore what makes each of the strains unique. From their flavor profile to their high, to the possible medical benefits. The beauty of weed is the diversity. It’s these differences which make each so unique, and individuals so noteworthy. Like a fine wine, the true cannabis connoisseur knows what sets a great strain apart from the subpar. The top strains on Google in 2018 are the stand out specimens, worthy of our attention.