Top 10 Rappers Who Smoke Marijuana

Best 10 Weed Rappers: A weed rapper is a rapper who is synonymous with cannabis. A fair piece of the expert's music is about weed and in addition the specialist's photo is that of a stoner. We situated rappers develop both considering quality and achievement of their music and on their photo as a stoner.

#10 Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA

The self-communicated Kush God, Smoke DZA is a lover of the sticky green, and in addition he is decently a pro. Honestly, he smokes so much pot that his moniker was animated by Smokey, the outrageous weed-head from "Friday."


#9 Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q

Even though Kendrick Lamar, doesn't smoke weed, Schoolboy Q smokes enough for the them two. The "Paradoxical expression" maker once stated, "I approach my weed with deference," while showing his fans how to roll the ideal limit.

#8 Curren$y


With respect to the sticky green, Curren$y Spitta falls in line fitting by Smoke DZA and Wiz Khalifa.  Basically look at his tune titles, for instance, "Mary," 'Devour an Ounce' and 'Rapper Weed,' just to give a few cases.

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