Top 10 Shows To Watch While High

Here’s the scenario: you just smoked something amazing from Buddy Boy Brands and you’re stuck endlessly scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, and HBO struggling to decide on a show to watch. Lucky for you, we’ve been there before and solved the problem! Here is a list of our favorite picks to watch while high.

This Netflix original is brought to you by one of America’s most successful chefs, David Chang. He started the ever-popular noodle bar, MomoFuku, and has been dominating the food world ever since. This docuseries pays homage to the incredible food found all around the planet, from pizza to fried rice. David Chang and his friends, including Aziz Ansari and other celebrities, travel around the world visiting Michelin star restaurants, food trucks, hole in the wall lunch counters, and even Domino’s Pizza.

This one is easy to watch and doesn’t require constant attention. The only downside is it may induce a serious case of the munchies.

Is there anything better than being high and in awe over the immensity of our universe at the same time? Based on the famous book by renowned scientist Carl Sagan, this reboot is just plain awesome. Take a tour through the history of our universe with incredible filmography and narration by Neil Degrasse Tyson. It’s like your high school physics class, but 100 times cooler.