Top 10 Ways To Smoke Weed
Sunday, Feb 15, 2015

There are tons of different ways to smoke weed, man. In fact there are probably about as many different ways to smoke weed as there are things to smoke weed out of. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, and many of those things to smoke weed out of, which are commonly crafted by desperate stoners, are probably either a waste of good ol’dank weed or unhealthy, but we figured we’d include ’em anyhow.

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So we didn’t have to think of all those crazy ways to smoke weed, or a myriad of things to smoke weed out of ourselves—we took to our Twitter account with 150K followers asking ‘em to name their favorite ways to smoke marijuana. We compiled all that best way to smoke weed data and put together the Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed.

1. JOINT Of all the ways to smoke weed, man joints have got to be the cheapest. Joints are also highly effective and don’t shatter when you drop ‘em on the garage floor. Another awesome asset of the joint? You can smoke one using only a single hand. You can roll joints using our 100% all hemp signature STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERS or the papers you picked up at the gas station, but why would you do that, man?

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