Top 5 Benefits of Marijuana
Thursday, Mar 9, 2017

We, the educated stoners of the planet earth, have long known about marijuana’s positive effects and the positive health benefits of cannabis and it’s molecules and compounds in our own endocannabinoid system. Whether that knowledge was a gut feeling of some sort, or anecdotal evidence based on our own experiences, and those of our close friends. It’s always been there, and it’s always drawn us closer and closer to this amazing plant regardless of the inherent risk involved. There are a ton of marijuana benefits that are stuff stoners like.

When it comes to marijuana’s positive effects there are many health benefits of marijuana and even benefits of smoking weed on the daily, assuming you are the type of human that can do that and still be productive. Any given drug can have different effects on a person, depending on their system configuration. Just like if you give adderall to someone with ADHD, it can help to focus them. But if you give it to someone without ADHD, it tends to act more like speed, and maybe they have a bad time. In any event, it’s not the drug’s fault, it’s not the human’s fault. It’s just how shit works. It all depends on the person and their brain. That’s why it’s mucho important to know thyself, and know how thyself reacts to drugs. Some people can smoke weed all day and get shit done, while others just sit on the couch not doing a damn thing.

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