Top Marijuana Destinations To Travel -
Friday, Mar 30, 2018

Cannabis tourism is taking over the marijuana industry as more states are legalizing weed. Yes, the industry has been budding since it began to spread, but now it has taken on a whole new dimension, growing in leaps and bounds. Amsterdam has become one of the leading marijuana destinations in all of this and is now seeing competition from other cannabis friendly locations. Let’s take a look at some of the top marijuana destinations to travel.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is known as one of the top marijuana destinations, primarily because they have had weed legalized now for years. In fact, tourists go to Amsterdam, just to check out their weed coffee shops. In fact, the lawmakers carved out an innovative approach to marijuana in 1976. For that reason, since then, there are more than 250 coffee chops hat sell cannabis strains and other products.

Christiania in Denmark

Christiania is considered a hippy commune, which is located in Denmark. It is also a self-governing community. Christiana spans 64 acres of land which became a social experiment in 1971 by local artists. The area has its own currency and even own flag. The marijuana shops in this Danish community operate for the entire day. Pusher Street is where you would find the most activity. This is one of the marijuana destinations that make its own marijuana laws and so you wouldn’t have to contend with much resistance.