Top Marijuana Tour Destinations in North America | The Weed Scene
Monday, Jan 18, 2016

If you are living or visiting the continent of North America and you love to toke, then here are a few great destinations that are not only great tourism spots but also cannabis friendly! So go ahead and explore these marijuana destinations and experience a great pot smoking vacation! In North America, Canada and the USA have the best weed tourism spots.

The top 5 must visit spots if you love to get stoned.  

This is a state in the United States of America that is the most popular weed spot after Amsterdam. There are a lot of weed friendly lodges, hotel and cafés in Colorado. You’ll also find a number of tour packages to Colorado and Denver which you can customize as per your choice at affordable prices and enjoy. Not only will you get to stay in some amazing hotels, which are pot tolerant, but also get to do some fun weedy activities like cannabis tasting sessions and also order in for some Bud ‘n’ Breakfast too. There are a lot of sightseeing options available!

Do check out the Mountain Vista Bud and Breakfast hotel that is just an hour’s drive from Denver which  provides Colorado’s two best attraction together i.e. legal marijuana and amazing ski arenas. There is also the Adagio bed and breakfast lounge in Denver that serves some of the best Bud and Breakfast which you can enjoy in the botanical gardens or lush cannabis gardens.