Top Ways to Consume Cannabis Discretely | Caliva

Adult fun often demands discretion. Public sex happens, but is it ever good? It’s best behind closed doors. Lack of discretion with drinking leads to passing out at the table, absurd bro fights, rattling on at high volume about nonsense, embarrassing Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts. The best drinkers savor their gin-and-tonics and rosés without announcing to the world, “Check me out — I’m getting hammered!” Instead, they exercise discretion.

The case for discretion may be even more urgent with weed. For one thing, many of us can thrive during daily life with jolts of cannabis, but people in the park, on the sidewalk and sitting beside us at the office might judge (“Wow — what a stoner.”) For another, the couple sitting beside as at the dinner party might — rightfully — resent clouds of skunk smoke wafting over their glasses of chenin blanc. 

Good news, pot lovers: Before legalization, discretion was difficult. We smoked, we reeked-up the place, and we got very baked. But now, weed no longer must come in baggies, and be destined for smoke. We have edibles. We have vapes. We have transdermal patches, sublinguals and even inhalers. And we have microdosing options, which let us experience elevation without simultaneously announcing to the world, “I’m soooo baked right now.”

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