Traveling With Cannabis: Dos and Don’ts | Caliva

Now that the west coast is also the green coast, there’s a whole wide world of legal cannabis products just waiting to be sampled. But once you’ve picked out your prize, what’s the best way to transport weed to your destination? Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, on vacation or just heading to a friend’s house after a trip to the dispensary, here are the dos and don’ts when you’re traveling with weed.

1. DO: Follow state possession limits. In California, adults can legally possess or carry as much as 1 ounce (28.3 g) of flower or eight (8) grams of concentrate, like oil, hash or dabs. For most people this won’t be an issue, but if you’re a fan of buying in bulk (and you properly store your weed) or are in charge of getting the bud for a friend’s bachelor weekend, carrying any more than the limit opens you up to amisdemeanor, fine and possibly jail time.

2. DO: Follow open container laws when in a vehicle. In California, driving with weed in your car is okay as long as it's in an unopened package, but any cannabis product that’s open or unsealed should be stored securely in your trunk, like you would with an uncorked bottle of wine. A locked glove compartment or other “secure place” may also be acceptable if you do not have a trunk. Either way, if you are taking a road trip with weed, make sure your stash jar is not easily accessible to you and your passengers.

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