Traveling With Cannabis? Here's What You Should Know - MassRoots

Originally Published: January 20th, 2015.

The D.A.R.E mentality still governs much of this nation. Invisible party and state lines prevent many cannabis enthusiasts from visiting their newly retired folks in more temperate climates. We have a serious problem… Colorado nights get cold this time of year.

The amount of stress one encounters when traveling is directly proportional to the amount of jail time threatened should Johnny Law start getting nosey and catch a whiff of that good-good. Unfashionable attitudes towards cannabis make the traveler vulnerable on the road. I shudder to think how Billy the Kid, Captain America or George Hanson might consider the current state of the nation.

Many people traversing this country refuse to do so without cannabis. Vape pens are inconspicuous and a suitable travel companion for the indiscriminate. Edibles are even more undiscerning. When I travel I prefer to smoke joints, and I do so knowing the ramifications of my actions.

Probable cause comes into play when the aroma of your stash is too pungent. If you are pulled over in Oklahoma with a couple of ounces of dank, the only thing preventing your emergency contact from being notified are some eye drops, a prevailing wind and your ability to not freak out.