Trimming techniques for your cannabis plants - Humboldt Seeds UK

Each cannabis strain has its own peculiarities, depending on where it’s grown as well as on its DNA, which makes them exhibit some specific traits. However, there are several trimming methods that allow you not only to improve the yield but also to control the growth of your cannabis plants. Here are some really interesting techniques that could be of great use.

Introduction to the different trimming methods for marijuana plants

When reading the description of some Sativa-dominant strains, one can easily understand the frustration some growers might feel for not being able to grow them indoors. The problem is that Sativa genetics overstretch and grow super-high, making it very difficult to cultivate indoors unless their growth is properly controlled. It's natural that cannabis growers want to cultivate various strains at the same time to diversify the consumption or to discover new genetics. However, the size of the plants could vary greatly and end up causing a lot of trouble. The direct consequence is that the tallest plants cast a shadow over the smallest plants, so they don't receive enough light to grow homogeneously.

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