Trump backs off states that legalize marijuana: So why is Colorado still prohibiting access to some?
Monday, Jun 11, 2018

It's strange being an autistic person who has definitely benefited from using marijuana but who yet has to read about the ongoing "debate" over legalizing it for medicinal use by autistic people. The "debate" isn't some abstraction.

With all due humility, listen to someone for whom the question of autism and marijuana is not a matter of opinion but one of personal experience.


President Donald Trump on Friday said that he would support a bipartisan bill that would allow individual states which have legalized marijuana to keep their laws on the books without federal interference. If Trump follows through on this, it will indeed be a very progressive move worthy of praise. Of course, considering that his attorney general is the notoriously marijuana-hating Jeff Sessions, the word to the wise is to actually trust that Trump will support that bill once he pushes for it to be passed in Congress and signs it into law — and not one moment sooner. While Trump and Sessions may have had a falling out over the latter's decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, the president has otherwise been staunchly supportive of his attorney general, particularly on policy matters.

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