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Friday, Jul 15, 2016

So you want to say goodbye to the corporate life and work for cannabis? Here are some awesome cannabis-related careers you can pursue.

Half of the US states have already legalized marijuana in one form or another. There’s billions to be made in the industry, and there’s no doubt that cannabis is no longer a budding industry.

The economic benefits of the cannabis industry has become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for millions of Americans who can now earn a decent living with several kinds of jobs. While the nation’s unemployment rate might not seem stable, this is one industry where you can depend on a reliable source of income . Even if you aren’t a cannapreneur, you can still have a piece of the pot pie by applying as one of these spliffy jobs (if you’re lucky, you can even negotiate payment to be in the form of cash, cannabis, or a little of both):

Trimmer: Responsible for harvesting and processing the cannabis plant and cutting them up to produce individual buds. The work of a trimmer can be labor-intensive and tedious. Trimmers are usually compensated by the hour or depending on the total weight of their finished product. Growers: The cannabis industry wouldn’t be where it is today without growers. They usually have a degree or expertise in horticulture or botany. The primary responsibility of a marijuana grower is to maximize plant yield while reducing pests and mold. Recommending physicians: These are the doctors who have experience in recommending cannabis as treatment for both new and old patients. Recommending physicians in the cannabis industry are required to be licensed and board-certified to prove that they have the professional knowledge needed to determine if cannabis is suitable for their patients’ conditions, as well as which strains are appropriate for their ailments. Physician’s assistants: The office of a recommending physician can get very busy. In this case they need the help of a physician’s assistant, who helps doctors minimize the administrative workload associated with the job such as answering phone calls, printing cannabis prescription letters, and making appointments. Budtenders: Highly trained budtenders are employed by retailers who are in charge of recommending the proper cannabis strain to patients. They play an important role in helping consumers learn about the wide variety of edibles and other marijuana products. Dispensary operators: Given that we live in a world of constantly changing cannabis regulations, dispensaries need the help of entrepreneurial operators who are always on top of state laws to ensure they stay in business. Other responsibilities of dispensary operators include managing suppliers and growers. Dispensary administrators: Large dispensaries rely on the help of administrators who take care of the business’s administrative side. This includes human resources, payroll, taxes, benefits, and overall supervision. Depending on how busy the dispensary is, administrators may also need an assistant who can supervise while they travel. Cannabis journalist: An expert writer who is updated with all the news related to the marijuana industry. Many websites and print publications especially those located in Washington and Colorado are constantly looking to expand their coverage by featuring more relevant topics – such as cannabis, of course. Grow site owner or operator: As the primary source of all the greens, grow site owners or operators are in charge of making all the decisions related to marijuana production. This includes overseeing supply acquisition, hiring workers, finding suitable growing locations, sales, distribution, and packaging. After grow site owners cover all the cost of growing cannabis, they are compensated by receiving net profits which are then shared with operators. Marketing professionals: Just like with any other field, cannabis businesses rely on the expertise of marketing professionals to help get the word out about their products and services. Marketing professionals are in charge of managing ad campaigns and social media sites as well as creating and distributing press releases. Salespersons / business development staff: This role is crucial to the overall growth of any cannabusiness. It’s their responsibility to find new clients, partners, and customers, oftentimes working together with the marketing department to expand the brand’s reach with the primary goal of bringing in more revenue. Delivery drivers: Wheelchair-bound patients and others who are unable to make it to a dispensary rely on the services of dispensary delivery drivers, who bring the goods to their doorstep.



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